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    George Michael.





    CD Label:

    Virgin Records Ltd.


    Post-disco, dance-pop, blue-eyed soul, pop, soul.

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    The recording receives a value of 5 from 5. The sound quality of this CD is beyond reproach. On comparison with the average CD, the acoustics are vivid, exceptionally clear and very dynamic. This album used to sound great through the CLS. All the bells and whistles could be heard.

    The music is a mix of Jazz and Pop. IMHO this CD is his finest creation. With the exception of track 5 and track 10, which when compared to other songs in the CD, are of average musical value. The rest are fun to listen to. There are total 11 tracks. Total elapsed time is approx. 58 min. and 56 seconds. Music receives a value of 4 from 5.

    The following tracks have excellent music substance and excellent audio quality:


    The strangest thing.

    To be forgiven.

    Move on.

    The following tracks have good music substance and excellent audio quality:

    Jesus to a child.


    Spinning the wheel.

    Star people.


    The following track has average music substance and good audio quality:

    You have been loved.

    The following track has below average music substance and average audio quality:

    It doesn’t really matter.
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