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Thread: Vangelis - Blade Runner.

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    Default Vangelis - Blade Runner.




    Blade Runner film soundtrack.



    CD Label:

    Warner Music UK Ltd.


    Electronic, Progressive rock, classical, New age.

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    Recording receives a value of 3 from 5. Vangelis Blade Runner music gets a A+. I absolutely love this kind of music. It is music that seems to be tailor or custom designed to suit my taste. I say the same for some Bryan Ferry Albums like for example Mamouna, Taxi, Boys and Girls and Avalon. These remastered Bryan Ferry albums have excellent clear and dynamic sound. Unlike them, Vangelis recording is on the weak side, dynamically and also in clarity. However, for me the music is amazing and that more than makes up for the average recording.

    This soundtrack was recently made available on Hybrid SACD by Audio Fidelity. I have not heard the SACD but I would imagine the recording should be far better than it is on the 1994 CD that I listen to. Available for sale at vendor Musicdirect.


    The film Blade Runner was amazing, receives a A+ from me and so does the film music. A+.

    The following tracks have excellent music substance and excellent audio quality:

    Love theme.

    Blade runner blues.

    Memories of Green.

    Blade runner [ end titles ].

    The following tracks have good music substance and good audio quality:

    Blush response.

    Wait for me.

    Rachel’s song.

    Tales of the future.

    Damask rose.

    The following track has average music substance and average audio quality:

    Main titles.

    One more kiss, dear.

    Tears in rain.
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