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Thread: Francoise Hardy - The "Yeh-Yeh" Girl From Paris

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    Smile Francoise Hardy - The "Yeh-Yeh" Girl From Paris


    Francoise Hardy ( With Roger Samyn and his orchestra)


    The “ Yeh-Yeh” Girl From Paris!

    Copyright Year :

    Not stated on LP but mentioned in CD literature, 1962.

    Recording :

    A Vogue P. I.P. Recording.

    Record Label:

    The Four Corners Of The World.

    Genre :

    French Pop.
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    From France Francoise Hardy sings of youth and the young. The lyrics are poems in
    which young love speaks and her interpretations of them have a very personal charm which
    distinguishes her from all others and have earned her the title of the “ Yeh Yeh Girl” .

    CD recording is too good for words to express. Same applies to the music. Both amazing recording and music value A+.

    The following tracks have excellent music substance and excellent audio quality:

    Tous Les Garcons Et Les Filles.

    Ca A Rate.

    La Fille Avec Toi.

    Le Temps De L’Amour.

    IL Est Tout Pour Moi.

    On Se Plait.

    Ton Meilleur Ami.

    J’Ai Jete Mon Cceur.

    IL Est Parti Un Jour.

    J’Suis D’Accord.

    C’Est A L’Amour Auquel Je Pense.

    The following track has good music substance and good audio quality:

    Oh Oh Cheri.
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