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Thread: Montis review in The Absolute Sound

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    Default Montis review in The Absolute Sound

    Nice, positive and realistic review.

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    Yes, a fair review, though I'd disagree about the comparison with the Harbeths. I really do like Harbeths (especially the SHL5s), but to my ears they're nowhere near as lifelike as MLs.

    OK, yes, I own a pair of Montis (and also some PMC GB1s, Sonus faber Cremona Auditor Ms, Sonus faber Venere 1.5s, and Neat Iotas: well, you can't have too many speakers!), and the Montis are king. For the price, the Montis are simply amazing. Like all ML panel speakers they really shine with classical music. Living in London, I go to lots of live classical concerts. The Montis are the only speakers I've heard that get remotely close to the experience of live classical music. (I haven't heard the Summit Xs or CLXs. One day ...)

    Enough said.


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