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Thread: Justin's picture issues

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    The Sony camera s/w makes it so easy to post on various hosting websites. I won't be hosting pics/vids here. I am seriously impressed with it. Converts from Blu-Ray format (which is what the vids were shot in) to YouTube and uploads on the fly. Just excellent s/w in use which is rare.

    Test pic cos it is important for the site. 1732KB original, but it get compressed to 59.5KB. From that I deduce there was never any point in buying photo resizing s/w, as vBulletin did it anyway! In other words, the file size restriction was just an annoying block that stopped you posting an image unless you reduced the size beforehand to less than the previous 250KB posing size limit, which vBulletin would then compress again. Live and learn.

    That is coming out at 612 x 462. Wrong. Thanks for trying anyway. It also doesn't make much obvious sense as I see 900 x 900 as the restriction when posting - must be some other settings I can't see affecting it.
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