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    Default System #01 (Summit, Cinema)

    1. Member Name: Tom D.
    2. Location: Rancho Mirage, CA USA
    3. ML Model(s): Summit & Cinema
    4. Year Purchased: 2008, 2003
    5. Mods/Changes: Speltz Anti-jumpers

    6. Associated Electronics:
    • Anthem Statement D2 Pre/Pro with ARC
    • Pass Labs X5 Power Amplifier
    • Belkin PureAV Silver Series speaker cables
    • AudioQuest King Cobra Interconnects (XLR)
    • Slim Devices Squeezebox 3 feeding into PS Audio Digital Link III DAC
    • Oppo BDP-83 BluRay / SACD / CD / DVD player
    • DBX 4BX Dynamic Range Expander
    • Hughes HD DirecTV Digital Network Recorder (TIVO)
    • LG 55LE8500 55" LED TV
    • Klipsch Quintet Surrounds (not shown)
    • Panamax M5300-PM Power Conditioner
    • OmniMount Cosmic Video Stand
    • OmniMount Cosmic Audio Tower
    • VTI Amp Stand

    7. Comments and/or stories about your Martin Logan experience:

    After 16 years with a pair of Sequels which I purchased new in early 1988, I finally upgraded to a bigger and better Logan - a very nice black pair of reQuests (purchased in 2003, sold in 2008) I bought from a gentleman on Audiogon who was the original owner, having purchased them in 2000.

    Big difference in overall sound between the Sequels and reQuests. Bass was much tighter and seamless and the overall sound is much fuller.

    A trip to ML to hear the new CLX changed all of that and I came home to my system and found it lacking in something. The CLX's are out of my price range, so I started looking for a pair of NEW Summits. ML had just discontinued the Summit and were preparing to release the Summit X, so ML Dealers were marking down their remaining inventory and I got a nice price quote from two different dealers and was about to pull the trigger when Joey V on the site announced that he was going to sell all of his gear, including his Summits. We struck a deal for me to buy them and the rest is history.

    Update: April 2009
    Added PS Audio Digital Link III DAC for Squeezebox

    Update: June 2009
    Added Pass Labs X5
    Removed Denon AVR 4800
    Added Anthem Statement D2 Pre/Pro

    Update: Oct 2009
    Added Oppo BDP-83 BluRay/CD/SACD/DVD player
    Removed Sony DVP-NC80V DVD/CD/SACD player/changer

    Update: Dec 2014
    Removed Pass Labs X250. Using X5 to drive all channels.

    Click HERE to see the historical photos of my system over the years.
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