Artist: Jeff Lorber Fusion
Title: Wizard Island
Label: Arista AL 9516
Year: 1980

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Jeff Lorber Fusion- Wizard Island on vinyl.

This is one of my favorite jazz/funk fusion albums and it deserved much more recognition than it got, even with it reaching #1 on the jazz charts. It features Lorber doing his usual tremendous work on the keyboards, a tight and dynamic rhythm section of Danny Wilson on bass and Dennis Bradford on drums, and a young Kenny Gorelick, aka Kenny G, on saxophones and flute (before he went all elevator music on us). There is not a dud on the entire album. I particularly like "Reflections," which features Gorelick's sax riffs riding perfectly on top of Lorber's synthesizer work. This is the best I've heard either Lorber or Gorelick sound, and it is the best album from JLF. These guys could have been the successors to Weather Report instead of the Yellowjackets had they stayed together. Alas...