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Happy to hear your singers have upgraded their vocal abilities Roberto.

I agree that Valentina Lisitsa, Chopin piece is amazing.
Thanks Brad...by the way, you should give a try to the new BF-210 subs along with your CLXs. There is a special firmware that you download from ML site, to match the exact specific crossover point to blend the CLXs with the sub. You should give it a try, it won't harm your settings,or your system. The result is very enjoyable. As I always say, its not the quantity, its the quality. I believe that you will be happier. Do not get me wrong...I had also the Depth I and had once six at a time, in a bigger room, of course...but the sound of the BF-210 is quite different. It goes deeper, with outstanding clarity, and well defined bass notes without coloration...you can understand the difference between an E or an E-flat.

Relish the experience!