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Thread: What music did you just buy?

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    I'm a big time Queen fan and I just got the SACD Japanese 2011 remasters of "News of the World" and "Jazz" and I have been blown away by the detail and lack of background noise. These SADS are a bit spendy at $60.00 but if you are a fan and have the equipment for it then it is well worth it. Please note these SACDs can only be played in a SACD player.
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    I just downloaded from HDTracks:

    Eagles-Hotel California
    Doobie Brothers-Captain and Me

    Both in 24/96. Now I need to get them over to my Olive 04HD so that I can listen to them.

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    Halestorm- The Strange Case of.......

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    Just ordered the Blue Note 45 rpm reissue series II. Can't have too much great sounding jazz.
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