Hi folks

I am planning a semi dedicated ht and pool room. My 7.2 HT system is all Logan's (summits, stage, 4 scripts) and I also have a 2 channel MBL 111 system in the family room.

I've never been able to do any room treatment but as I started planing the room treatment here, I started thinking that if I'm treating the room, the MBLs will probably sound a lot better in a good room and might be an amazing HT system.

Gordon / others - what do you think?

Advantage of logans: I can experiment with 9.2! I am very curious about installing 2 speakers on the front wall with the new audyssey system. Would be impossible with MBLs

Advantage of MBLs: reviews of their ht systems mention how they provide a different level of realism which I can totally understand after hearing them. If I place them in a decently treated room, they should sound very very good.

Wouldnlove some reactions