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Thread: System #423 (Sequel II)

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    Default System #423 (Sequel II)

    1. Member Name: Teemu Dart

    2. Location: Finland, Mäntsälä

    3. ML Model(s): Sequel II

    4. Year Purchased: 2011

    5. Mods/Changes: "Foam mod"

    6. Associated Electronics:

    - DK Design VS.1 Mk.III
    - Soundstream DAC 1
    - DIY TT
    - Michell GyroPower PSU
    - Alphason Xenon tonearm with SAE 1000 LT
    - Yarland Power Socket
    - Nordost and DIY cables

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    Welcome Teemu, cozy set up you have there !

    System #79 - Analog is Alive and Well, if in doubt, click the link below !

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    Nice and clean! Welcome.
    - Steve You got fins to the left, fins to the right...Wilson WP8's in Carmen Red, Pass Labs XA-100.5 mono amps, Pass Labs XP-20 preamp, BAT PK-V5 phono amp, VPI Scout with HRX Mini Feet, TTWeights Outer Ring and Center Weight, Soundsmith The Voice Ebony cartridge, MacMini, Amarra software, AyreQB-9 DAC, Musical Fidelity X-CAN V-3, Sennheiser HD-535, Adona Rack, PS Audio Power Plant Premier, Mogami interconnects with Neutrik XLRs, Douglas speaker cable, GIK acoustical treatments.

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    Thanks! We just moved here so no curtains yet and nothing much done for the room either. But the room sounds good so no hurry.

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    Here is my TT (mobile phone pic). Pic is from my old setup and it still has Denon 103 with Thuya wood case.

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    System update.

    Copland CSA 303, Classe DR-15, Lenco L75/SME 3009 S2 Improved/Shelter 201.

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    Yes - great pic of what looks like a great system. Welcome.
    Marantz 8300 SACD / Squeezebox Touch --> Audiolab M-DAC --> Copland CTA-305 --> Classé CA-101 --> MartinLogan Vista / Behringer DSP1124P --> Whise Profunder sub

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    Sepia tones... sensational tunes

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