Vlatko Stefanovski and Miroslav Tadic
MA Recordings
World (Balkan/Flamenco/Jazz/Blues Instrumental)
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I first read about this album in "Audio" magazine, where it was touted as one of the finest recordings of acoustic guitar the reviewer had ever heard.
The album was recorded direct to two-track digital (96k on custom built equipment) in a Macedonian memorial in the town of Krushevo, and features two of the most skilled and versatile guitarists from the region, Vlatko Stefanovski and Miroslav Tadic.
The songs use the region's folk music as a starting point for exploration and conversation between the two guitarists, employing odd (to western ears) time signatures and scales, sometimes rendered at blinding speed but never sacrificing feeling.
If you like the John McLaughlin/Paco De Lucia sessions, you owe it to yourself to try this one out.
(Samples are available at the MA Recordings website. There are also several videos (in the usual places) of their live performances).