Hey everyone,
Due to the high number of spam bots flooding the system with new registrations, I have been forced to MANUALLY confirm each and every new registration.

Some of the "red flags" I look for include the following:

  • The IP address that is captured when you register is from India, yet the location you entered into your profile says Florida.
  • Your email address and user name is exactly the same.
  • The location you entered into your profile says London, but the timezone you entered is the Pacific Time zone.
  • You specify "uk" or "usa" as your location.

All of these things will make me question if you are a real person or not. If I have any doubts about it, I will reject your registration and you'll get an email saying that you don't meet the qualifications to become a member here at MLO.com.

So, for you real people who want to join this wonderful community, please fill out the registration form completely so I know you're a real person.