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Thread: Florence + The Machine: Lungs

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    Default Florence + The Machine: Lungs

    Artist: Florence + The Machine
    Title: Lungs
    Year of Release: 2009
    Record Label: Island Records
    Genre: Pop / Alternative

    I saw this artist perform on "So You Think You Can Dance" last week and immediately bought the CD. WOW. The first track, "Dog Days Are Over" starts out with what sounds like a mandolin strumming and alternating between the right and left channels. Then Florence starts singing.. The only way I can describe her is a cross between Siouxie Sioux, Imogen Heap and Annie Haslam. INCREDIBLE!

    Of course she's from the UK. How come you guys don't give us a heads-up on artists like this? Cmon already.. We're stuck with Lady Gag-Gag!! HELP! ;-)

    I'll write more after I listen to the CD some more. LOVE IT SO FAR.
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    Yes, good stuff indeed, I had mentioned this CD in the Sunday Morning Music thread a few months back.
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    I lot late, but I'm being blown away by this album as I write this. Completely unique, and hugely powerful, and on Vinyl

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    I recently bought this CD. The music lover inside me absolutely loved it. A collection of great songs. However, the audiophile in me was severely disappointed in the dynamic range compression. The entire album is just loud with substantially clipping and very little dynamics.

    Looks like the vinyl version is better.
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    Lungs is a good Album, but the second studio album Ceremonials takes things to whole new level of artistry. The collection of songs is far better (apart from 2 writen by Florence herself!) the musical arragements are stunning, with some breath taking vocals and backing vocals. Florence has also recorded an outstanding track on the Snow White and the Huntsman soundtrack album which is worth seeking out.

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