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    Default Øystein Sevåg - Global House

    So this definitely falls into the 'Other' camp. If you like ECM's Jan Garbarek (I don't) then this is not technical enough, if you like New Age, this leans towards jazz, if you like jazz, this is too 'ambient', when I crank up some tracks my neighbours think rock music.

    This is all of the above and then some, there is even a didjerido in here! Don't let all this put you off buying this album. The musicians together are greater than the sum of their parts as they play Oystein's compositions, the soundscape is expansive and detailed as it moves from quiet pieces to dynamic, driving almost rock tracks.

    I used to take this cd to the German Hi End Show when it was in the Kempinski Hotel in Frankfurt. I would help Siggi Tessendorf demonstrate his beautifully musical amplifiers there and when I put on the 2nd track (Global House) with a bit of 'welly' (Justin's technical term for volume!), the room would quickly fill with audiophiles. I could have sold this cd many times over!

    There is a website to listen to snippets of this album.

    I have a couple of other albums Of his but none of them have grabbed me as this one does.

    Have fun!

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