View Poll Results: Where is your significant other's WAF?

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  • 1 - Let's me buy whatever I want, and put it anywhere I want.

    24 66.67%
  • 2 - Let's me buy what I want, but I can't place it exactly where I want.

    5 13.89%
  • 3 - She has final say on what I can buy (only because of the way it LOOKS) and where I can put it.

    3 8.33%
  • 4 - She has final say on what I can buy (only because of how MUCH it COSTS) and where I can put it.

    1 2.78%
  • 5 - She has final say on what I can buy because of the way it LOOKS AND COSTS and where I can put it

    2 5.56%
  • 6 - I'm not allowed to buy anything anymore

    1 2.78%
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Thread: What is your WAF level?

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    I'm single so my response is not among the poll choices. When I was married, I called dibs on one room in the house. If I bought anything costing $1K or more I discussed it with her at my insistence, even though she never objected to any of my purchases. Same thing with my cycling hobby. The marriage didn't last, obviously, but my hobbies were never an issue because I never questioned her clothes fetish, either. Having the discussion and reaching an understanding upfront was the key.
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    My wife has final say on what I buy and where in the house we put it. She decides on sound and looks, and my insists we buy Martin Logan. We just ordered an ML sound bar and re planning to purchase a pair of Ethos in the near future. I keep making my wife listen to box speakers, explaining to her how they've easier to drive and less sensitive to room acoustics, but she likes how MLs sound and look. I'll just have to suffer through and hold off on my dream telescope for another couple of years.

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    MY GF says I can move in with her but I can't bring my big electrostats with me... I'm still living at my house.

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