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Thread: Which audio format would you most like to see new material come out in the future?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jimna View Post
    I am at 7.5TB and growing. There are tons of spectacular hi resolution vinyl rips out there that sound better than my redbook copy, hands down.
    From where do you get those HighRes vinyl rips?

    Also, how do you manage your 7.5TB. I'm nearing the limits of my 1TB drive now and am thinking of migrating my Squeezebox Server back to Solaris so I can exploit ZFS (It's on Ubuntu now, which has been great, but alas, no ZFS ).
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    My file management is a bit out of the ordinary. Im collecting live and studio music so for example I have a 1TB drive that has nothing but Frank Zappa live 1963-1988 + all his studio material (mostly in hi-rez files to this point), and others that have all Grateful Dead, Widespread Panic, ect...those make up 4.5TB of the collection. My general audio then is spread across 2 more 1.5TB drives that are in alphabetical order by artist. I dont use a squeezebox though, I use my PC as a music server along with all the digital coax Ive run all over my house. Its as easy as drag and drop into a playlist. Yesterday I loaded up a playlist in foobar 2k and I had none stop music all day while i worked outside.

    Yesterday was the first time I had tunes outdoors though, I drilled my foundation yet again(Im not fan of a hammer drill) to run a set of speaker wire outside for an outside system. I now have my Denon via zone 2 as preamp to my Adcom GFA-545 (still in my living-room entertainment center for a clean dry home) which runs an old set of ADS L400A's I mounted in the garage. They are placed with enough extra cable to set them right outside the door for back porch tunes with evening cocktails. I finished that up yesterday and was very happy to have indoor/outdoor central stereo playing in my listening room, my living room, and outside all on the same digital clock so I had no lag from sound source to sound source. If I could get my vehicles on some type of wireless connect to my music server at home I would never need physical media again!

    Sorry to go so far off subject.
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