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Thread: 4/23/2010~ Dagogo Review ~ Sanders ESL AMP

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    Default 4/23/2010~ Dagogo Review ~ Sanders ESL AMP

    Phillip Holmes published the latest review of Sanders Sound Systems ESL amplifier today. Since many of you actually have one, I asked Tom if it would be OK to put a notice up here.

    amp link on Sander's site:


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    Nice review. I found this statement to be right on the money:

    Overall, the ESL Amp is one of the most neutral power amps Iíve had the pleasure of hearing. Itís very transparent.
    Seems like I have said the same thing about a dozen times on this forum regarding my Sanders ESL Monoblocs.

    This comment is intended solely for educational purposes and should not be construed as conveying any express or implied warranty of fitness for any other purpose. Said comment constitutes merely the humble opinion of its maker and does not reflect the views of the MLOC or of ML, Ltd. YMMV. Trust your own ears.

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    I, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my Sanders ESL amp!

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