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Thread: Official Press Release: MartinLogan Motion

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    Default Official Press Release: MartinLogan Motion

    Contact: Caster Communications, Inc. at 401.792.7080


    With sleek styling and extreme versatility, MartinLogan’s newest speaker line brings their world renowned sonic realism to a compact speaker series at an extremely competitive price.

    Las Vegas, NV – International CES 2010 – MartinLogan, the Great American Speaker Company, announces the Motion™ Series, the company’s first products to feature exquisite Folded Motion™ technologies. Inspired by MartinLogan’s legendary ultra-high-end electrostatic loudspeakers, the Motion Series provides unparalleled sonic realism in even the smallest of home theaters or 2-channel listening environments—starting at under $200 (US retail) per channel.

    MartinLogan’s dedicated in-house engineering team carefully crafted the Motion Series to create an extremely affordable and compact product line with stunning dynamic range and jaw-dropping clarity. Key to the Motion Series sonic performance is the unique Folded Motion tweeter (similar to tweeter technologies found in ultra expensive speakers), precision high-end Vojtko™ crossovers, powerful compact woofers, and acoustically inspired cabinet design. These technologies along with nearly 50 years of combined engineering experience result in a product that establishes a radical new paradigm for price verses performance.

    Complementing the Motion Series sonic accuracy is elegant yet understated styling that includes subtle curves coated in a flawless high-gloss, piano black finish. Motion Series floor standing tower models feature real-wood veneer that provide a stylish aesthetic certain to blend with any décor.

    Motion Series speakers are available in floor standing tower and ultra-compact center and bookshelf models. Speakers can be mixed-and-matched (along with any of MartinLogan’s high-performance Dynamo Series subwoofers) to create a stunning solution for any application—from a spectacular high-performance 2-channel music system to an exhilarating multi-channel home theater system. Voice-matched with MartinLogan electrostatic speakers, Motion Series Speakers also offer a perfect solution for compact rear-channel applications in traditional electrostatic based home theater systems.

    • Sonic performance: Exotic high-precision Folded Motion™ tweeters seamlessly blended with traditional drivers, made possible by MartinLogan’s dedication to highest-quality acoustical engineering for stunning sound unparalleled in speakers of similar size and price.
    • Aesthetics: A high-gloss, piano black, contoured exterior, and understated styling makes them a perfect complement to today’s high-end flat panel TVs. Floor standing tower models feature real wood veneer.
    • Affordable pricing: Starting under $1,600 (US retail) for a complete 5.1 channel MartinLogan home theater system. Price verses performance makes the Motion Series one of the greatest speaker values available today.
    • Compatibility: Mix-and-match for ultimate versatility in any 2-channel or home theater application. Voice-matched with MartinLogan electrostatic speakers Motion Series speakers also prove ideal for compact, rear-channel applications in traditional electrostatic based home theater systems.

    MartinLogan Motion™ Series Models
    Motion 2 / 4 – Compact bookshelf speakers - $199.95 / $249.95 each
    Motion 6 / 8 – Compact center channel speakers - $299.95 / $399.95 each
    Motion 10 / 12 – Floorstanding tower speakers - $999.95 / $1499.95 pair

    Prices for the Motion Series start under $1,600 for a complete 5.1 channel MartinLogan home theater system and will be shipping in February 2010. For more information, please visit the website at
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    looks like ML is becoming the new BOSE. Too bad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jtwrace View Post
    looks like ML is becoming the new BOSE. Too bad.
    As I recall the Motion series prototypes were (p)reviewed last year at some show, and garnered rave reviews despite their diminutive size and price point. Remains to be seen if the entire series maintains that quality. They could turn out to be "Bose Killers".
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    These sound (the two lowest end ones) far, far better than they have any business sounding. With the ML badge and for the price and size, I have to admit I was blown away. In their price ranges I think they are extremely competitive.

    Just my humble opinion.

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