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  1. This is a POLL
  2. Avatars: Yes or No
  3. Would the appearance of the Summit stop you from buying it?
  4. Highest level of education?
  5. What is your household income level?
  6. line of work
  7. Do you want to see a CLS Replacement Soon?
  8. amplifier and ML
  9. Poll- 2 Channel Audio vs. Home Theater
  10. Hi-Def DVD is coming, where do you stand?
  11. Speaker audition question
  12. ML Club's most wanted
  13. As ML enthusiasts, how old (or young) are WE?
  14. Manufacturer: Next Gen HD - DVD player...
  15. Rate yourself: Science, Audiophile or Enthusiest?
  16. Front End
  17. Television Entertainment Reception Method?
  18. Dust Covers for ML speakers
  19. Jump right up and show your age!!
  20. Do you always keep your gear on ?
  21. Please estimate what percentage of your system is - New vs. Used...
  22. Which Resolution Do You Watch on your - TV / Monitor / Projector...
  23. What accessories do you use?
  24. How Much Have You Spent On System ~ Audio-Visual Equipment So Far...
  25. What model Martin Logan speaker(s) do you have?
  26. What 90's model Martin Logan speaker(s) do you have?
  27. What 2000+ model Martin Logan speaker(s) do you have?
  28. What Martin Logan Subwoofer do you use?
  29. PowerPlant Premier or a DAC or a simple Tube Buffer... help!
  30. Power Amps
  31. Time on this website?
  32. How much time do you spend reading about audio?
  33. How much time to you spend *ACTIVELY* listening?
  34. How to deal with an apparent non-believer
  35. Home personal computer
  36. What is your most treasured component?
  37. Which color Jeep?
  38. Google AdSense to create some revenue.
  39. Breitling vs Rolex vs Omega
  40. Have you had a late-night listening session?
  41. what format of music do you purchase most?
  42. Who's the baddest of them all?
  43. What is the distance between your speakers?
  44. What is the distance you sit from your main speakers?
  45. How much toe-in?
  46. What is the distance between the back of your speakers and the wall behind them?
  47. What is the distance between the sides of your speakers and the side wall?
  48. Who will be the first to obtain CLXs?
  49. MartinLogan design
  50. What size is your music collection? Include CD, LP, SACD, DVD-Audio
  51. How has the recession affected your audio spending?
  52. New User, Not The Same Old Sad Story
  53. Be Honest - Do You Mainly Listen To Your Logans When Drinking?
  54. How many new Martin logan sales have you created
  55. How do you look at this site?
  56. Would you buy Summit X leg/spike assembly if available?
  57. Dust Cover--Up or Down?
  58. "Martin Logan Day" @ Overture
  59. Rock'N'Roll, Pop, Indie - Which Country Has Done It The Best?
  60. Most Influential Artists of Modern Music
  61. Michael Vick...reinstate ??????
  62. Power Poll - Tubes, Solid State Or Class D?
  63. Buying Beatles Remasters- Mono or Stereo?
  64. Are you an audiophile?
  65. Survey: hdmi and processor
  66. Where do you set the volume on you standard Descent?
  67. Happy Camper poll !!
  68. Which audio format do you see yourself using the most for the next 5 years?
  69. Which audio format would you most like to see new material come out in the future?
  70. How Long Have Your ML Panels Actually Lasted?
  71. What is your WAF level?
  72. Turntable Owners?
  73. New Vista or used vantage?
  74. Outdated (and not any more) media you use.
  75. How do you take your Logans? Straight up or on the rocks?
  76. Spires or new Ethos?
  77. How do you deliver digital content to your DAC?
  78. Which Tower would you select Motion 20 or Motion 40?
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