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1. Member Name: (Your real name, NOT your user ID on the site.)

2. Location: (Where in the world are you? Include City, State/Region and Country.)

3. ML Model(s): (Which ML model or models do you own?)

4. Year Purchased: (When did you purchase your Logans?)

5. Mods/Changes: (Have you done any modifications to your Logans?)

6. Associated Electronics: (List the other components in your system.)

7. Comments and/or stories about your Martin Logan experience:

8. An image of your system. (see below on how to include an image into your post)


Photos of your system can be added into your post using the "attach files" button at the bottom of the screen OR you may choose to host them yourself and provide your post with a link to them by using the "insert image" button in the toolbar.

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Upload limit is 200KB per post. Please don't post more than 10 images of your system, or I will delete them! We are paying for disk space now, so please keep that in mind.