Hi Newbie!

Welcome to the MartinLoganOwners (MLO) website forum. Thanks for being here.

The system is set up to delete user profiles with no posts. The easiest way to prevent this from happening is to introduce yourself here. When you do this, you'll immediately have 1 post and the system will never delete your user profile.

DO NOT introduce yourself and post your system in here!! There is an area for that called MEMBER SYSTEMS. Go to that area and post your system.

When I get a high number of spam bots flooding the system with new registrations, I'll modify the registration process so that each and every new registration has to manually be confirmed.

Some of the "red flags" I look for include the following:

The IP address that is captured when you register is from India, yet the location you entered into your profile says Florida.

1 - Your email address and user name is exactly the same.
2 - The location you entered into your profile says London, but the timezone you entered is the Pacific Time zone.
3 - You specify "uk" or "usa" as your location.

All of these things will make me question if you are a real person or not. If I have any doubts about it, I will reject your registration and you'll get an email saying that you don't meet the qualifications to become a member here at MLO.com.

So, for you real people who want to join this wonderful community, please fill out the registration form completely so I know you're a real person.

Thanks and happy listening! (<- Thanks Roberto!!)